Paradox Publishing House, 2019, in Bulgarian, Sofia, Bulgaria

Cover artist: Fidelia Koseva

Rozara's Trial

Fantasy novel

Young Rozara is inexperienced, immature, and resolute. She is sent to the small town of Ditrum to deal with a problem of a magical nature. If she fails, she will be banished from the Circle of Moonlight and her connection to the magical realm will be forever severed.


The trial she has been preparing for turns into a ruthless chase in which some are fighting for power, and others – for their very survival. Rozara is drawn into an adventure in which her magic talent won’t be enough to save her world. She will need all her resourcefulness and the help of loyal friends. Treason, blood, friendships and a newfound love mark her path.


A gripping fantasy thriller in which the most dangerous monsters are the human kind, not the blood-thirsty creatures, summoned by spells.

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A well-written and highly readable novel. The characters are well outlined and believable. Several plot lines are skillfully structured. The novel received a number of positive reviews.

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There is a number of very good books that aren’t getting the attention they deserve in Bulgaria – Rozara’s Trial, a fantasy of the young author Nikola Chalakov... Extremely interesting books. In other words, the directions in which modern Bulgarian literature is developing, are strong. I want to invite Bulgarians to familiarize themselves with these books.
Zdravka Evtimova
A nice Bulgarian book, well-written and intriguing enough. I hadn’t come across such a book lately, the plot is highly logical and coherent, the characters feel like real ones and the adventures are not chaotic. The dialogues are fresh and the characters have different voices; the book is very moody, well outlined.
Elena Pavlova
Now that’s a Bulgarian author that surprised me in a pleasant manner. As of late, you’ve been flooded with urban fantasy set around Bulgarian lands and almost no one writes epic fantasy. The style is nice; the book is easy to read. It’s much better than a ton of weak books from foreign authors of YA fantasy novels. And fortunately, it doesn’t have the tedious first person point of view.
Valentina Yordanova
In Rozara’s Trial the author drags us as accomplices into a skillfully crafted web of intrigues, both court and personal ones, and unleashes a storm of emotions. Struggles between courage and fear, love and hatred, friendship and treachery, leave us with no dull moment right until the final page. An extremely gripping fantasy novel which poses many questions – how far are we ready to go to do our duty; in what extent are our trials predetermined and in what extent are they set by ourselves; where would the unquestioning faith in the ideal lead us to and is it worth it to fight for one; does Good always win and is Evil always alone in the battle; what is worth living for and what is worth dying for.
Veronika Stefanova, Daniela Marcheva
The author, Nikola Chalakov, has a simply amazing style. There’s absolutely nothing superfluous in this book and at the same time there’s nothing insufficient either. The way in which the words align in this book is simply unique and in itself is magic.

The plot... Here Nikola Chalakov’s talent left me totally speechless. There were amusing moments, heartbreaking moments, adventures, deadly skirmishes between characters, and among all this chaos even romance managed to make its way. I’ve never encountered such an idea until now, the story itself is simply stunning.

Rozara's Trial

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